Data Analyst With R (Beginner)


Data Analyst Beginner Module:

This beginner module is designed for learners with little or no experience using R Programming for Data Analysis.

This course introduces basic concepts and sets you on the right path for the intermediate and advanced series.

This module contains the following:

  • Introduction to Programming for Data Analysis
  • R vs Python – What You Need To Know
  • Introduction to R
  • Getting started with R and Common IDEs
  • R and RStudio
  • Data Analysis and Uses of R in the industry
  • Initialising and Setting Up Projects in R
  • Base R
  • Arithmetic Operations and Logical Expressions
  • Variable Assignment and Rstudio environment
  • File naming conventions
  • Data Types
  • Object Types and Classes
    Data Import and export in R (Excel/CSV/TXT)
  • Summary and Descriptive Tables
  • Data Visualisation basics
  • R Packages
  • Case Study
  • Portfolio Project
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